Pro JavaScript with MooTools

Go beyond JavaScript basics-learn advanced JavaScript features and techniques, as well as how...

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers will guide experienced Java developers into the world of...

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example provides a quick start to programming the JavaFX 2.0...

CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook

CentOS is a community-based enterprise class operating system and this book will provide a...

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition

The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition dispenses all the practical advice...

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.Net Framework 4.5 Expert Programming Cookbook New

Explores the advanced features of core .Net concepts in step-by-step detail. Understand great ways to enhance your website by securing against cross-site scripting attacks, enabling third party...
Clicks: 220 Comments

Applied XML Programming for Microsoft .NET New

XML is everywhere in the Microsoft .NET Framework, from Remoting to Web services and from data access to configuration. Learn about the extensive XML core classes in .NET and find out how to...
Clicks: 540 Comments

Sams Teach Yourself More Visual Basic .NET in 21 Days New

Sams Teach Yourself More Visual Basic.NET in 21 Days provides step-by-step coverage of the most important new features of Visual Basic.NET and .NET that will allow programmers to begin creating...
Clicks: 649 Comments

Getting Started with .NET Gadgeteer New

Learn how to quickly build cool electronic gadgets with .NET Gadgeteer. With the easy-to-follow instructions in this guide, you'll tackle five fascinating projects, using Microsoft's rapid...
Clicks: 708 Comments

Expert .NET Micro Framework New

The Microsoft .NET Micro Framework is a small and efficient .NET runtime environment used to run managed code on devices that are too small and resource constrained for Windows CE and the Compact...
Clicks: 474 Comments

Practical Code Generation in .NET New

Automatic code generation can dramatically increase your productivity, improve code quality and maintainability, promote reuse, and help you extend best practices throughout your development...
Clicks: 286 Comments

Beginning ArcGIS for Desktop Development using .NET New

ArcGIS for Desktop is a powerful suite of software tools for creating and using maps, compiling, analyzing and sharing geographic information, using maps and geographic information in...
Tags .NET ArcGIS
Clicks: 224 Comments

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Databases, 2nd Edition New

Beginning ASP.NET 2.0 Databases: From Novice to Professional is a comprehensive introduction to connecting a website to many different data sourcesnot just databases. You'll learn how to build...
Clicks: 392 Comments

Beginning .NET Game Programming in VB .NET New

This highly-anticipated title provides a clear introduction to game programming for VB .NET programmers! Microsoft insiders have written an easy-to-read guide, so you can start programming games...
Tags .NET Game
Clicks: 179 Comments

Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET, 2nd Edition New

Visual Basic.NET (VB.NET) is an object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of the classic Visual Basic (VB), which is implemented on the .NET Framework....
Clicks: 649 Comments

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 Six-in-One New

The .NET Framework has undergone extensive updates and improvements. To help you get up to speed with these changes, a team of .NET experts offers you this hands-on guide covering the changes to...
Clicks: 574 Comments

Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Designs New

Pro Scalable .NET 2.0 Application Designs explains how to plan and implement .NET 2.0 applications. It addresses platform, hosting, and database requirements, as well as architectural design...
Clicks: 651 Comments

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a / Oct 23, 2014
This book provides one of the best primers on Big Data that I've seen for a general business and...

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
This book skips so many intermediate steps that it is not suitable for beginners.

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
By far the best intro to Java I have ever encountered,this book was all I needed to learn Java....


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