Pro JavaScript with MooTools

Go beyond JavaScript basics-learn advanced JavaScript features and techniques, as well as how...

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers will guide experienced Java developers into the world of...

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example provides a quick start to programming the JavaFX 2.0...

CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook

CentOS is a community-based enterprise class operating system and this book will provide a...

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition

The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition dispenses all the practical advice...

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Big Data For Dummies

Learn to: Leverage big data tools and architectures Explore how big data can transform your business Integrate structured and unstructured data into your big data environment...
Oct 23, 2014 Big Data Clicks: 387 Comments

Basic Math and Pre-Algebra For Dummies

Tips for simplifying tricky basic math and pre-algebra operations Whether you're a student preparing to take algebra or a parent who wants or needs to brush up on basic math, this fun, friendly...
Oct 3, 2014 Mathematics Clicks: 175 Comments

Beginning Programming For Dummies

Do you think the programmers who work at your office are magical wizards who hold special powers that manipulate your computer? Believe it or not, anyone can learn how to write programs, and it...
Sep 2, 2014 Programming Clicks: 82 Comments

Buzz Marketing with Blogs For Dummies

In this instant-communication world, buzz means business! And one of the greatest ways to get customers and potential customers buzzing about your business is with a Web log, commonly called a...
Sep 2, 2014 SEO Clicks: 20 Comments

Building Your Business with Google For Dummies

The first-ever book to show businesses step by step how to capitalize on advertising programs offered by Google, the world's #1 search engine, with more than 200 million search queries...
Sep 2, 2014 SEO Clicks: 80 Comments

Building a Web Site For Dummies

An effective Web site is the key to success for every venture from class reunions to major corporations. And since Web technology changes rapidly, Building a Web Site For Dummies, 4th Edition is...
Tags Web Dummies
Sep 2, 2014 Web Development Clicks: 76 Comments

Beginning HTML5 and CSS3 For Dummies

Your full-color, friendly guide to getting started with HTML5 and CSS3! HTML and CSS are essential tools for creating dynamic websites and help make your websites even more effective and...
Aug 31, 2014 HTML Clicks: 63 Comments

Beginning PHP and MySQL 5: From Novice to Professional

   Written for the budding web developer searching for a powerful, low-cost solution for building flexible, dynamic web sites.     Essentially three books in one:...
Aug 26, 2014 PHP Clicks: 78 Comments

Bitter Java

Intended for intermediate Java programmers, analysts, and architects, this guide is a comprehensive analysis of common server-side Java programming traps (called anti-patterns) and their causes...
Tags Bitter Java
Aug 22, 2014 Java Clicks: 38 Comments

Beginning Perl

As one of the most influential programming languages in the world, Perl is used extensively in web development, data processing, and system administration. Whether you're new to Perl or...
Jul 21, 2014 Perl Clicks: 21 Comments

Building Websites with Joomla! A step by step tutorial to getting your Joomla! CMS website up fast

This book is a fast paced tutorial to creating a website using Joomla!. If you've never used Joomla!, or even any web content management system before, then this book will walk you through...
Jul 7, 2014 Joomla Clicks: 45 Comments

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8: From Novice to Professional

Beginning PHP and PostgreSQL 8 delves into some of the most popular open-source web development technologies, the PostgreSQL 8 database server and PHP 5 scripting language. You’ll learn to...
Jun 11, 2014 PostgreSQL Clicks: 16 Comments

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a / Oct 23, 2014
This book provides one of the best primers on Big Data that I've seen for a general business and...

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
This book skips so many intermediate steps that it is not suitable for beginners.

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
By far the best intro to Java I have ever encountered,this book was all I needed to learn Java....