Pro JavaScript with MooTools

Go beyond JavaScript basics-learn advanced JavaScript features and techniques, as well as how...

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers will guide experienced Java developers into the world of...

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example provides a quick start to programming the JavaFX 2.0...

CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook

CentOS is a community-based enterprise class operating system and this book will provide a...

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition

The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition dispenses all the practical advice...

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WordPress For Dummies

WordPress has millions of users, and this popular guide has sold more than 105,000 copies in its previous editions. With the newest releases of WordPress, author and WordPress expert Lisa...
Jul 7, 2014 WordPress Clicks: 69 Comments

WordPress101-A Beginners Guide

A while back, I used to be making websites by hand. I was coding each and every page to the requirements I was given. The problem came when I needed a way to easily update the content of the...
Jul 7, 2014 WordPress Clicks: 30 Comments

WordPress for Beginners

Building a website was once the domain of computer geeks. Not any more. Wordpress makes it possible for anyone to create and run a professional looking website.While Wordpress is an amazing tool,...
Jul 7, 2014 WordPress Clicks: 19 Comments

WordPress In 1 Day Free Tutorial

This ebook is provided free of charge and you are welcome to freely give it away to others provided that you do not sell it or alter it in any way. This ebook is a comprehensive, hands-on...
Jul 7, 2014 WordPress Clicks: 17 Comments

WebGL: Up and Running

Get a quick introduction to WebGL, the new standard for 3D rendering on the Web and a member of HTML5’s family of technologies. With this hands-on guide, you’ll learn essential WebGL...
Jul 6, 2014 Javascript Clicks: 23 Comments

WordPress: The Missing Manual

Whether you’re a budding blogger or web development professional, WordPress is a brilliant tool for creating websites—if you know how to tap its impressive features. This jargon-free...
Jun 17, 2014 WordPress Clicks: 82 Comments

Web Standards: Mastering HTML5, CSS3, and XML

Mastering HTML5, CSS3, and XML provides solutions to the most common website problems, and gives you a deep understanding of web standards and how they can be applied to improve your website. You...
Jun 13, 2014 XML Clicks: 35 Comments

Web Design All-in-One For Dummies

If you want just one complete reference on web design, this book is it. The newest edition of this essential guide features 650+ pages on the latest tools and new web design standards, such as...
Jun 5, 2014 Graphics Clicks: 26 Comments

Web application technologies; Node.js

This tutorial aims to help developer to write a small web app with Node.js/Express/SimpleDB.
Apr 17, 2014 Node.js Clicks: 258 Comments

Wazza’s Lion Server QuickStart

This document is the first in a series of documents describing the process of installing and configuring a Mac OS X 10.7 Server for use in a school environment. This document describes the...
Apr 1, 2014 Mac Computers Clicks: 354 Comments

Working with Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint New

Deliver powerful search tools to your clients - using Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint. Led by three search experts, you'll learn how to deliver advanced intranet search...
Business Clicks: 101 Comments

Windows PowerShell for Developers New

The PowerShell platform gives developers seamless integration with legacy .Net code while adding a range previously not seen in a language. With this book you will quickly learn the fundamentals,...
windows Clicks: 307 Comments

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a / Oct 23, 2014
This book provides one of the best primers on Big Data that I've seen for a general business and...

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
This book skips so many intermediate steps that it is not suitable for beginners.

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
By far the best intro to Java I have ever encountered,this book was all I needed to learn Java....