Pro JavaScript with MooTools

Go beyond JavaScript basics-learn advanced JavaScript features and techniques, as well as how...

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers

Learn Objective-C for Java Developers will guide experienced Java developers into the world of...

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example

JavaFX 2.0: Introduction by Example provides a quick start to programming the JavaFX 2.0...

CentOS 6 Linux Server Cookbook

CentOS is a community-based enterprise class operating system and this book will provide a...

Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition

The Linux Network Administrator's Guide, 3rd Edition dispenses all the practical advice...

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Security Monitoring New

How well does your enterprise stand up against today's sophisticated security threats? In this book, security experts from Cisco Systems demonstrate how to detect damaging security incidents...
Security Clicks: 830 Comments

Pro PHP Security, 2nd Edition New

PHP security, just like PHP itself, has advanced. Updated for PHP 5.3, the 2nd edition of this authoritative PHP security book covers foundational PHP security topics like SQL injection, XSS, user...
Tags Security
Security Clicks: 829 Comments

Beginning Arduino Programming New

Beginning Arduino Programming allows you to quickly and intuitively develop your programming skills through sketching in code. This clear introduction provides you with an understanding of the...
Programming Clicks: 818 Comments

Learning the bash Shell

O'Reilly's bestselling book on Linux's bash shell is at it again. Now that Linux is an established player both as a server and on the desktop Learning the bash Shell has been updated...
Apr 18, 2014 Linux Clicks: 816 Comments

iPhone Game Development

To get the most out of this book, you will need to have some programming knowledge. The iPhone uses Objective-C, but most people are more familiar with C/C++ or Java, so the Objective-C primer in...
Mar 28, 2014 iOS & App Development Clicks: 815 Comments

MySQL Management and Administration with Navicat New

Tips, tricks and fast-paced tutorials for getting the most out of Navicat. Master the visual design tools and editors with thorough examples. Discover how easy Navicat makes outsmarting the...
MySQL Clicks: 811 Comments

Windows Server 2012: Up and Running New

If your organization plans to move to a cloud infrastructure from a LAN or WAN, this book shows you how to do it efficiently with Windows Server 2012. Experienced Windows administrators will learn...
windows Clicks: 810 Comments

Expert Oracle Application Express Security New

Expert Oracle Application Express Security covers all facets of security related to Oracle Application Express (APEX) development. From basic settings that can enhance security, to preventing SQL...
Tags Security
Security Clicks: 809 Comments

RESTful .NET New

RESTful .NET is the first book that teaches Windows developers to build RESTful web services using the latest Microsoft tools. Written by Windows Communication Foundation (WFC) expert Jon...
.NET Clicks: 809 Comments

Hadoop For Dummies

In this book, we provide you with a solid understanding of key Big Data concepts and trends, as well as related architectures, such as MapReduce and Hadoop. We also present some suggestions about...
Mar 14, 2014 Data Mining Clicks: 808 Comments

Oracle APEX Best Practices New

Have you ever wanted to create real-world database applications? In this book you're not only getting APEX best practices, but will also take into account the total environment of an APEX...
Oracle Clicks: 805 Comments

Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET New

Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET teaches the essential skill of asynchronous programming in .NET. It answers critical questions in .NET application development, such as: how do I keep my...
.NET Clicks: 804 Comments

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a / Oct 23, 2014
This book provides one of the best primers on Big Data that I've seen for a general business and...

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
This book skips so many intermediate steps that it is not suitable for beginners.

Asher / Sep 4, 2014
By far the best intro to Java I have ever encountered,this book was all I needed to learn Java....